The Grassik Perspective


Jan 29 2020 BY Rajeev Thakur
Solving the talent paradox: Starting top-down

“The best way to be productive is to have a great team. So I spend more time than most CEOs…

Sep 17 2019 BY Rajeev Thakur
Driving business success through disruptive leadership

Leaders need to change the way they think or the way things are done in a business setting. Disruption can…

Jul 4 2019 BY Rajeev Thakur
Impact of uncertainty on search firms

With talent posing the biggest challenge in business today, executive search firms that have been able to up their game,…

Apr 26 2019 BY Mythili Chandrasekar
Creative marketers gain foothold in new age business

Whether traditional or digital, people now look for challenging roles that make a difference to the organisation, and in fact…

Mar 19 2019 BY Rajeev Thakur
Charm Your Way to Success

In a world full of choices & options, the biggest differentiator is customer experience.

May 21 2018 BY Rajeev Thakur
Quest for Happiness

Happiness is the ultimate end-point in life. Nothing matters if it doesn’t produce a feeling of joy & satisfaction.