Why Grassik

We go Beyond the Science of Search and instead lay focus on


Increased proliferation of technologies like AI, Deep Learning and Bots have deemed the Searching and screening process, routine. These are easily automated and hence, do not require sizeable human effort, leading to the Softer aspects of search assuming increased significance.

The common theme across each member of the Grassik team is the ability and comfort to naturally Engage with candidates and build long term associations. We partake in detailed discussions where an individual’s personal backgrounds, aspirations, people skills, beliefs and behaviors are learnt, to not only find a match with a Client’s mandate but more importantly, ensure a culture fit to the potential employer. 

We go beyond what is objective and bring to the table, specific skill sets in the art of search.

We Curate Talent

Grassik has evolved from being a Talent Partner to a Talent Curator, symbolizing the Value added by Grassik – which is the assurance that our Recommended candidates will deliver their best in the prevailing culture and work environment of a particular client organisation.  

We act as Brand Ambassadors

Grassik acts as a Brand Ambassador to its clients. We gain a deep understanding of our Client organisations and subsequently, through discussions and mentoring, are able to portray their positive aspects and unique strength areas effectively to prospective candidates. This ensures complete clarity, thus, enabling rational decision-making on the opportunity.